Offensive Line Quickness Drill – The De La Salle Tennis Ball Drill

Tennis Ball Drill For Offensive Linemen

This is a drill used by many teams to get their offensive linemen to fast come off the ball. I first discovered approximately it from Concord De LaSalle High School in California. Yes, the faculty that had the 151 game triumphing streak. This is a extraordinary drill for guys education young people soccer as well.

The De LaSalle soccer coaches trust rightfully so, that the keys to splendid offensive line play is getting your 2 first steps down quicker than the warring parties 2 first steps. I observed the velocity the De LaSalle linemen got here off the ball was pretty splendid all through a televised game with nationally ranked Evangel High School from Louisiana. While Evangel had some of Division I prospects on their offensive line and averaged over 50 pound extra per man than De LaSalle, De LaSalle just ruled the road.

This is a drill they use that children football groups have used correctly to enhance line play and quickness:

Put your linemen in organizations, the ones to the proper of the center in a single line, those to the left of the middle in some other. Have the players at the the front of the road execute their first two steps speedy and perfectly, inner step stepping first at 60 diploma attitude to the internal with knee to chest, all of the whilst loading the fingers to the edges at “Six Shooter” level. The 2nd step at same attitude coming in no time after step one has been placed down. The 2d step also might be finished with bent knees and when the foot is positioned down the forearms come up to deliver the blow along side the shoulder.

Once these steps had been repped, we add in the train with the tennis ball. The instruct is at a 60 degree attitude to the inner of the offensive linemen and about 1 backyard alongside that 60 degree path faraway from the player. On the snap count the offensive linemen takes his first step as mentioned above after which takes his 2d step alongside the line to the instruct the usage of the above approach. The instruct on the snap count drops the ball immediately down from a top of three ft or so. The lineman must take his 2 ideal steps the use of proper technique and capture the tennis ball before it hits the floor. Vary the space and peak to force your offensive linemen to carry out the drill to their person pace potential.

We alternate our middle in both strains, as he’s required to step in both guidelines. This is a drill we carry in week four-five after our children have mastered the fundamentals and we’re working on extra superior talent building. It is a brilliant exchange of tempo drill, it really works and the kids love it.

See how this soccer drill facilitates your offensive linemen come off the ball quicker and allowing them to get their 2d step down faster than their opponent. This will allow you to execute your football plays with more precision and effectiveness if combined with right blocking technique.

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